This house would allow same-sex couples to marry

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Debate on same sex marriage has been brought up on the table for a long time but it got heated up once again when Director Gwangsu Kim-Cho publicly got married on May, 2013. Introduction of various media handling the subject of homosexuality and frequent appearances of celebrities who publicly revealed their sexual identities on TV significantly affected on prejudice of public against homosexuality, which played a critical role in starting such intense debate. It still is difficult to say that overall evaluation on same sex marriage is warm and favorable.
Moreover, registration of marriage of Director Gwangsu Kim-Cho was not legally accepted, which shows that in Republic of Korea, an action of ‘same sex marriage’ is not being legally acknowledged.
Both ignoring same sex marriage in legal terms and prohibiting same sex marriage are actions that violate human rights of sexual minorities. Those who raise their voice for such opinion are standing strong. Furthermore, they claim same sex marriage to be legalized for protecting human rights. Such opinion is against those who consider same sex marriage as breaking social rule or social promise severely. People on against-side also state that legalizing same sex marriage can cause chaos into sexual identities and sexual viewpoints so that it should be stopped. Both sides are standing parallel to each other as they raise voices strongly.
Following the flow of current times, should same sex marriage be legally acknowledged?


The Freedom to Marry Internationally(freedom to marry)

Kostigen, T. (2009, March 8). Gay marriage can serve as boost to economy. Retrieved May 20, 2011, from Marketwatch: 



pros opinion

a. Prohibiting same sex marriage is an action of ignoring human rights of few.

Prohibiting same sex marriage is an action that prohibits free will of people
and their human right to pursue happiness. It is an action that ignores or abuses sexual minorities simply because their number is few. Same sex marriage should be allowed in terms of protecting one’s basic human right.

b. Acknowledging same sex marriage is a law that socially accepts sexual minority.

Legalization of same sex marriage is the alpha and omega of change in public understanding of sexual minorities who have been social outcasts. Treating those who suffer from their own nature as sinners or criminals should not be continued.


cons opinion

a. Same sex marriage causes a huge confusion about sexual identity.

Statistics show that there is an increase in number of young adults who
experience confusion about sexual identities as acknowledging same sex
relationships positively has been increased. Moreover, due to various media related to homosexual relationship, number of young adults affected by such media increased dramatically as well. It is not that homosexual relationship itself is wrong but it has high risk in that it has high possibility to hinder young adults of our society in strongly finding their sexual identities and securely establish their sexual viewpoints.

b. Marriage is different from emotion of love as it is regarded to be a tacit promise to the society.

Marriage between two different sexes should not be ignored since it is tacit
promise of the society. In the viewpoint of one nation itself, marriage between
different sexes should be protected since it has various positive aspects such as increase in population and stability of society. However, expansion or acknowledgement of same sex marriage cannot be regarded positively. If such exception being made or accepted, there would be no basic foundation for marriage at all. And it will be followed by accepting marriage of family members or polygamy since people would come up with same reasons as human right and right to pursue happiness.



Same-Sex Marriage Laws/US(2015,03,19. NCSL) 

Map: Same-sex marriage in the United States(2015.04.03, CNN)



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  1. manof의 프로필
    manof 님의 찬성 의견 - 7년 전

    They are normal people. In fact homosexuality is nature’s play and no one has the right to judge the nature because it cannot be altered as no one chose to be homosexual. We must recognize the fact that they deserve equality.

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  2. 의 프로필추천댓글
    익명 님의 찬성 의견 - 6년 전

    I reject all kinds of social prejudice.

    3 0 답글
    • Hello! World^^의 프로필
      Hello! World^^ 님의 찬성 의견 - 6년 전

      Even if you are quite simply what u said but it’s quite acceptable!

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  3. aortmzhzh123의 프로필
    Lv2 aortmzhzh123 님의 반대 의견 - 6년 전

    I think anyone can have a romantic and/or sexual relationship with anyone they choose.
    No one is forced to be with anyone. In order to get married, you need to be with someone of the opposite gender. If that’s not something you want to do, then realize you aren’t going to get married either instead of demanding the government needs to change to fit your choices.

    0 1 답글
  4. ShaneYingling의 프로필
    Lv1 ShaneYingling 님의 찬성 의견 - 6년 전

    I believe marriage should be done with someone that you love. Whether they are of the same sex or not. Everyone has the right to choose who they want to live with for the rest of their life. It’s their own life and no one has the right to say what they can do or not.

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  5. Moonsung Kim의 프로필
    Lv1 Moonsung Kim 님의 찬성 의견 - 6년 전

    I am so straight and have a girlfriend. But yes, i do advocate the right to same sex marriage. I was awfully stubborn and had an anti-gay perspective. What made me change my mind? Back in UK, I was just a normal boy, who had a little homophobia and was obsessed with thinking gay people approached to me by a chance. I think it was partly because i thought those were kind of creeps and sexually abnormal. One day, This Brazilian boy moved in my flat and we got to live together, of course in a separate room. Like everyone else who was against gays, I was wary of him. But you know since it was a shared flat, we had to share the kitchen and the bathroom. So we started talking a lot and drinking. Sometimes later, i directly asked him why he was a gay. Well, I know it is a very embarrassing though thankfully, he answered sincerely that when he was little, he liked his friend and he thought it was just “like” but as it turned out he found it “love”. So I know a man cannot love a man. But what if they did not choose to be a gay? What if this peculiar sexual preference is the one that was innate? I know in Korea, we are still not ready for those sexual minority. And i also have a very negative stance on the queer festival in Seoul since what they wear, like bikinis on men, can proveke other people as we were educated like a man should be masculine. But gay is not like a phenomenon or a fad. It has existed in societies for thousand years and we have just denied it. We have no right to judge what’s normal or abnormal with regard to human rights of the others. Although Korea cannot accept it right now, but it is now time for us to get ready and open to it.

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    • Claire의 프로필
      Lv1 Claire 님의 반대 의견 - 5년 전

      As you’re saying, all hunam beings have their own human rights which no one can deprive of or invade. So I partly agree with you when it comes to that matter. Regardless of human rights, however, the government has no obligation to acknowledge and accept same- sex marriage in the dimension of society.
      All people have their authorities and duties simutaneously as a citizen of a nation. It means that they have to fulfill national obligations such as paying tax, being educated, doing labor, military service and so on. When they fulfill these duties as a people, they also can get a lot of benefits from the government. It means again, government and people both are in the relationship exchanging benefits. In this context, the biggest reason for marriage approval by government is because it sees opposite marriage is beneficial for the nation. What is the benefit? Social maintenance. Therefore government doesn’t hesitate to give a lot of benefits for the couple got married.
      To sum up, choosing their own right person is their choices, but there is no need to acknowledge their marriage by law.

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  6. tkfka의 프로필
    Lv2 tkfka 님의 찬성 의견 - 6년 전

    If people who normally fall in love with the other sex have right to express their love, I think people who fall in love with same sex also have right to express their different, unique way of love.
    Those who don’t allow this issue are just “selfish” I think.

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  7. 배움의 프로필
    Lv1 배움 님의 찬성 의견 - 6년 전

    We are not a gay so we can;t understand them completely.
    Maybe they would have thought that they are wrong.
    homosexuality is a natural phenomenon for them. This is not a choice.

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    • 의 프로필
      익명 님의 찬성 의견 - 6년 전

      Yeah exactly.

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  8. Hoyas voladoras의 프로필
    Hoyas voladoras 님의 중재 의견 - 6년 전

    I do advocate gay marriage and think that those people deserve more than just crumbles of justice. However l cannot help but little bit concern about where this debate is heading. Love is an important element of marriage but not everything. So just saying ‘They are in love, so they can get married’ is not wrong, but still insufficient. What I’m saying is that we also need to address the fact that current policy is causing a real problem to gay people by lacking a proper structure to protect themselves. Marriage is not just a romantic ritual. It is also a protection to something like medical emergency and financial cooperation. I think trying to talk about this issue without mentioning about this aspect is not enough.

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  9. Nooh의 프로필
    Nooh 님의 찬성 의견 - 6년 전

    How can a man marry with a man??? RELIGIOUSLY AMORAL!!!

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    • Anonymous 009의 프로필
      Anonymous 009 님의 찬성 의견 - 6년 전

      Do you agree with this topic or disagree..?

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  10. selenak의 프로필
    Lv1 selenak 님의 찬성 의견 - 5년 전

    homosexual marriage should be allowed. saying otherwise is discrimination against individuals based on their sexuality. same in nature as racism. giving the right of marrying someone you love only to straight people  is unfair and is a violation of basic human right of lgbt people. society’s tacit promise my ass. just another word for intorelence for difference. if we want to improve as a human we have to learn how to coexist with others who’s personality, viewpoint, religion, race and sexual identity are different from mine.

    if the system oppresses and make people unhappy it means there’s something wrong with the system and it should change.








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