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Prostitution is a phenomenon which appeared with the birth of human history. Sexual desire of human being appeared quite a long time ago as an action of prostitution. Globally the size of prostitution market has grown daily while in Korea, recognizing it unethical as well as enactment of law of prohibiting prostitution has located the business underground. On the contrary, quite many countries in Europe have legalized the prostitution for the purpose of eradicating the harmful effects by protecting and managing those who work in prostitution business. Also in Korea, as statistics show that the number of prostitution actually increased after the enactment of prohibiting law, discussion on legalization of prostitution has been brought up again. Can legalization of prostitution reduce the negative sides of prostitution?



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pros opinion

a. Legalization of prostitution enables systematic management and protection by leading the prostitution market to the sunny spot.

Stronger prohibition on prohibition will push the market into even darker spot. The price to maintain it in such spot will be increased. Legalization enables the government to systematically monitor those who work in prostitution business, improving general problems including protecting their human rights and working environment.

b. Legalization of prostitution can improve the negative image.

Legalization of prostitution will improve the negative acknowledgement of those who work in the prostitution business. It can ensure women’s self-decision right and respect their occupations which they choose. Respecting one’s right leads to granting responsibility; by collecting their taxes, the budget can be increased.


cons opinion

a. Legalization of prostitution is an action of merchandizing one’s sexual identity.

Sex of human being cannot be used as business under any circumstance for any reason. It is an action that damages one’s dignity; selling and buying one’s sexual identity or sexual relationship economically. Furthermore, legalizing such action is unjust action which merchandizes one’s sexual identity and sexual relationship.

b. Legalization of prostitution results in diminished women’s right and dignity.

Legalization of prostitution cannot protect women who work in prostitution. It rather will degrade women into the tools of relieving one’s sexual wants. Moreover, it will result in the surge of mammonism in that you can buy or attain anything with money.


reference, “Should prostitution be legal?”



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  1. hans의 프로필추천댓글
    Lv4 hans 님의 의견 - 6년 전

    prostitution inevitably involves the instrumental and immoral treatment of others, toleration of prostitution involves the toleration of immoral behaviour. Society should uphold moral values by banning prostitution.

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    • 다덤벼라의 프로필
      Lv7 다덤벼라 님의 의견 - 6년 전

      Although prostitution is banned by law, prostitution is carried out by underground business as it is stated on the discussion section. So just banning the prostituion will NOT end the prostitution itself and plus to that, occurance of prostitution in the underground cannot be controlled by legal athorities which is even worse.

      You should provide the alternative treatment for the problem of ‘immoral behaviours’ which cannot be stopped by just banning prostitution.

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  2. CrazyTony0126의 프로필
    Lv1 CrazyTony0126 님의 의견 - 5년 전

    I think controlled and regulated prostitution can have some . First, I believe important to understand that some of the women that are involved in prostitution are not always the victims of forced sexual labor that many make them out to be – rather, they are actively and willingly involving themselves in the business because it is a means for them to gain income. Providing a legal context within which they can freely ‘work’, earn income, and pay taxes (since taxation is a natural step in legalizing prostitution – anyone earning income through a job should be taxed) can help protect women who wish to work in the prostitution business.

    Second, I believe that legalizing prostitution can help the government create a much more safer work environment for the women involved. The legalization of prostitution would lead to prostitution becoming an officially recognized job/business of sorts, meaning that regional governments/law enforcement departments should natrually gain the right to regulate the market for prostitution. This would ensure that prostitution businesses will have to abide by existing and soon-to-be-enacted laws (sexual protection, fair treatment of women etc.) This will make the market for prostitution much more safer.

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  3. 현유진의 프로필
    현유진 님의 의견 - 5년 전

    In cases of countries that legalized prostitution, it is stated that the rate of crimes related to that of the human sex significantly decreased. Korea needs change. Other than just illegalizing and hiding the fact of prostitution, we can legalize it and make a more open world, which will gradully lead to less crime.

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    • selenak의 프로필
      Lv1 selenak 님의 의견 - 5년 전

      what the…legalization of prostitution does not reduce any ‘sex related crime’.  I don’t know where you got it from, but that is a completely false statement.  in fact, it make things even worse as the human traffickers and other related criminal organizations are able to freely enter the country without any legal problems. not to mention the increase of the demand for prostition as it encourages men to buy women for sex in a wider and more permissible range of socially acceptable seetings.

      what i would suggest for a solution is to reinforce police investigation of underground illegal prostitution and forster the social consensus that prostitution is sexual exploitation of the socially and financialy deprived.

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  4. Anonymous의 프로필
    Anonymous 님의 의견 - 4달 전

    The exercise of bodily autonomy is valid under 3 conditions.

    1. It must not cause 3rd party harm(may differ depending on action)

    2. It must be exercised under sufficient information

    3. It can only be exercised when the individual exercising said right is deemed rational(this does not apply if they are under the influence)


    minors obviously shouldn’t be able to partake in prostitution for 3 reasons

    1. They are not deemed to be rational as the legal baseline age for rationality(in Korea) is 19

    2. They are thus prone to be dictated by external factors, in this case, money

    3. It is outright morally wrong to allow the prostitution industry to exploit minors


    For adults, it’s a different story…

    obviously adults are over the age baseline of 19 and should be rational

    but they are still ‘under the influence’ of external factors as their actions are motivated by payment


    The only theoretic way for this to work would be if the prostitutes wouldn’t receive payment but that would disincentivize most potential workers and those remaining wanting to partake in prostitution even without payment would be no different from any other sexual encounter such as one-night stands.


    In conclusion, prostitution is inherently rooted in the exploitation of ‘workers’ and cannot be legalized unless you’re willing to neglect exploitation


    but that’s just my take…

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  5. forcebewithyou의 프로필
    Lv3 forcebewithyou 님의 의견 - 4달 전

    I agree on legalizing prostitution.

    Even though prostitution in Korea is illegal, prostitution is still going on. It’s clear that even if it’s illegal, the law cannnot completely stop people from doing it. So rather than prohibiting it, we should legalize it so the prostitution can come out to sunny spot. If the prostitution comes out to sunny spot, it becomes more easier to see how it works and can manage it. By managing it, we can protect the people who work there legally, while if it’s still illegal, people who work there can’t get protected by law and will keep hiding. Even though people will see prostitution workers not nicely, they’re still citizens of out country and we have to protect them.

    It’s true that legalization of prostitution is commecialization of one’s sexual identity. But I think people treat sex as sacred thing. Of course sex is important thing, but people treat it too much sacred. And because of that, people think it will harm one’s dignity and can’t be used as business. What I think is that, the prostitution itself doesn’t harm dignity, but the look of other people harms it. Most of people will see prostitution workers badly, a very cheap person who will sell their body for money. It’s the look of those people which harms prostitution worker’s dignity. Some will think that is reasonable for them to be seen like that. But it isn’t. We have to accept the truth that sex can be used as business and it is just another way of earning money. If we accept this truth and just see it differently, we won’t think that this will harm dignity.

    Legalization of prostitution won’t diminish women’s right and dignity. Legalization of prostitution doesn’t mean that “from now on, you can buy any women with money”, it just means that now the prostitution is legal, and the workers of prostitution can get protected by law.It means that If someone cause damage on prostitution in any way, that person will get punished by law. Legalizing prostitution means “now you’ll be protected by law” and I think this is a meaning and progress of getting respected as “not illegal”. However, there will be people who see women as tool of relieving sexual wants, but this will improve as time goes on. The surging of mammonism is too much of concern. There are already some people with mammoism, and there are more people who slightly think of mammoism. But legalization of prostitution itself cannot surge mammoism to whole citizens of the country. Even if it becomes legal, some won’t even care, some will think it’s not good, some will think that is the right thing to do, and more on. Like this, people have various thoughts and just because prostitution becomes legal, it won’t result in the surge of mammoism.

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