This House believe that The world needs ‘Anonymous Group’

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Anonymous refers to the group of internet hackers working globally. ‘Anonymous’ meaning ‘unknown name’ has its members all over the world. Its members are estimated to be about 3,000. They utilize hacking as their method to resist. They target society, nation, or company who stand opposite to their opinions. They are called ‘Hacktivists’, a new term combined Hacker and Activist, focusing more on leaking information and announcing it publicly rather than freezing the website. In 2012, CIA and Interpol investigated together to arrest about 20 criminals, predicted to be Anonymous members, in 15 different cities in Spain and Argentina. But since they work ‘anonymously’, it is not easy to track them. Furthermore, there are those who passionately support those activities of anonymous. They believe that Anonymous can be an alternative in the current age where those in power monopolize and exploit information.
Anonymous, do we need the group in the current age?




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‘Hacktivism’ can and should influence cybersecurity reform” (PDF). Boston University
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Anonymous Official(YouTube)



The Telegraph, Anonymous threatens to release 1,000 names of KKK members, 30 Oct 2015

Global news,‘Anonymous’ claims responsibility for cyber attack that shut down
government websites, 17 jun 2015

independent, Anonymous: How the Guy Fawkes mask became an icon of the protest movement,
4 nov 2015


pros opinion

a. It prevents monopoly of information power.
Anonymous should be focused on the meaning of their activities rather than its existence. Real political power monopolizes ‘information’ and maintains, strengthens its power in a way of utilizing and exploiting ‘information’. Whether Anonymous being a group of activities leading voluntary movements or simply a group of hackers who enjoy breaking into the system, the very existence of such group is a warning toward the monopoly of information.

b. It satisfies the right to know in the society of democracy.
Wikileaks opens information with moral, political or historical importance to the public, believing that satisfaction of the right to know, public benefit, is prioritized over the disadvantage. Democratic society is basically transparent. Such activities as Anonymous will make it more transparent, information coming from national authorities’ decision process.


cons opinion

a. Anonymous is simply another information power.
Sometimes, it is beneficial to treat information which can lead confusion or danger within the society properly without publicly announcing. Ultimately, it has to be decided by someone that whether information related to public field to be open or not. Such decision on opening the information is given to the national government which we created ourselves. Unless such trust and authority given to Anonymous, Anonymous simply is a ‘selfish’ group which acts on their own thoughts.

b. It is another name of cyber criminals.
Hacking is a crime which creates social confusion and social order destruction. Despite their humongous political, ethical reasons, it is absurd thinking to treat ‘Anonymous’ without any real being as a hero.



Why We, Anonymous-supported website centered on anti-Scientology protest



어나니머스는 필요한 집단인가



  1. 강민성의 프로필
    Lv3 강민성 님의 의견 - 6년 전

    The Anonymous is the haking group. It can find our privacy.

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    • 햇빛구슬의 프로필
      Lv3 햇빛구슬 님의 의견 - 6년 전

      Well, I guess they won’t hack yours or mine.

      They’re different from other hackers. That’s why we’re debating whether we need them for us or not.

      They attack sites or organizations that go against their idea.

      The recent proclamation of war on ISIS, for instance. (Though the attack was minimal.)

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  2. 햇빛구슬의 프로필추천댓글
    Lv3 햇빛구슬 님의 의견 - 6년 전

    I’m neutral in this issue.

    Anonymous has made some great accomplishments.
    They succeeded to release kidnapped people from the notorious Mexican mob called ‘Zetas’.
    And of course, we can’t forget their effort for the petty bourgeois.
    In 2013, Canada, a girl who was raped by a group of men committed suicide.
    Being outraged by this shocking news, Anonymous released the identities of sexual offenders. Publicly.

    However, the most important point is to take account of their motivation.
    Anonymous hacks. For what?

    Hackers of all time had some kind of desire for honor. Exhibitionism, maybe? Trying to show their ability.
    Hackers sometimes try to justify themselves by using ‘justice’.
    Justice’s the greatest way to get support from the public and exhibit their extraordinary ability to handle computer skillfully.
    On the other side, their superficial aim might come out from the bottom of their heart, sincerely.

    Since nobody knows the truth, I believe this can be an issue of the topic.

    I hope this helped debaters.

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  3. Nec의 프로필
    Nec 님의 의견 - 6년 전

    Anonymous is obviously hackers’ group.
    However they have their own belief and its purpose is not for their benefit (even it may be superficiality).
    Although they have done many hacking and illegal actions, it basically involve and follow good purpose, such as preventing information monopoly.
    So ultimately, Anonymous is necessary evil.

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    • 햇빛구슬의 프로필
      Lv3 햇빛구슬 님의 의견 - 6년 전

      Anonymous isn’t a non-profit organization.

      Anonymous works for their benefit, not us.

      We have no idea what their motivation is. They speak out ‘justice’, but we don’t know whether it’s true or not for sure.

      Anonymous breaks down sites that are opposed to their viewpoints.
      They hate President Obama so much that he was included in the terrorist list they disseminated.

      I previously mentioned that some kind of exhibitionism possibly motivated them.
      Check out my comments if you need. It’s up there.

      Yeah, Anonymous has done some great things, but I wanted to remind you that Anonymous is in pursuit of their benefits.

      That’s why I’m neutral.

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  4. AccessDenied의 프로필
    Lv1 AccessDenied 님의 의견 - 6년 전

    Hacking is a crime which occur in online.
    Crime in on/offline being equal.
    Agressing one’s network can be a serious offense.

    This is a comment of Anonymous:
    “We are Anonymous,
    We are Legion,
    We do not Forgive,
    We do not Forget,
    Expect us!”

    Do “Anonymous” have power to forgive others?

    Furthermore, Anonymous that is referred to as Terrorist is reasonable.
    It’s possible that they can extract a country’s high-level information.
    So a large country vilgilant them.

    Thus, Anonymous is superfluous group.

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  5. .의 프로필
    . 님의 의견 - 6년 전

    Well, it is true that the “Anonymous” is a group consisted of skillful hackers.
    However, check out what they’ve done.
    Some of their works are crime and have to be criticized.
    But many other works done by them were helpful to the global society.
    For instance, they hacked accounts of IS members and prevented the several terrors that were going to happen.
    We shall regard Anonymous as a grey hacker’s groups which claim to advocate ‘anarchism’.

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  6. Arsene Lupin의 프로필
    Lv2 Arsene Lupin 님의 의견 - 6년 전

    Anonymous hacks for every ones good. They hack ISIS, KKK and few other group. The hacked groups are defined as enemy of state. The things they are doing is right. But in our sight, the way isn’t right. So I guess I think Anonymous is needed.

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  7. 의 프로필
    익명 님의 의견 - 5년 전

    well, I think they are group that hacking but they can help people to know in all world
    known is important there are disadvtange too, also they notice no-crime people, that’s bad enough
    but there are very many criminal they can also notice our it’s amazing i think.

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  8. 다덤벼라의 프로필
    Lv7 다덤벼라 님의 의견 - 5년 전

    I do not believe such a hacking group is existing for the rest of people. But they do some works that benefits the people. Yet, they are doing things illegally. I am not sure that some benefit to the people justifies their illegal activity. Law is a system that must have consistancy. So, how can this hacking group can be an exeption?

    Yet there is another problem. That is government can be evil. If government is evil, and they conceal their evilness by the laws they have made, how can the people ever know but to be controlled by them? In this perspective the hacking group can be beneficial to the people.

    It is quite a hard to decide whether we need them.

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  9. 차푸소푸의 프로필
    Lv2 차푸소푸 님의 의견 - 5년 전

    Hacking is actually a crime and is an illegal activity. However I believe this world, where the truth is buried needs the Anonymous.

    They do not work for their benefit, but for the global society. They do not hack our privacy, but reveals the hidden information related to politics and history.

    We as citizen have right to know what’s happening in this world.

    Far as I know, they haven’t done any hackings that would invade someone’s privacy.

    Many people believe they are criminals because they are called as ‘hackers’.

    However I believe there should be a support in them for their activities in legal way.

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    • 다덤벼라의 프로필
      Lv7 다덤벼라 님의 의견 - 5년 전

      How can such an illegal activity be justified just because it is thought to be beneficial to the people? If hacking can be justified then why not other illegal activities? The whole constituitionalism will be imploded if such activities can be justified.

      I do think the Anonymous group has some benefits to the people by revealing the dirty secrets those politicians have. But it is quite hard for me to accept this kind of activities last forever since the method itself cannot be justified in our system.

      I cannot fathom the consequence of permitting this activity. Right now this hacking activity is thought to be good for the people, but what if some hacking group come out with certain political ideology and hack politically opposite parties as they are saying it is good for the people?

      We needed these hacking groups for the ‘transition period’ only. The right way is to amend constitution to fix the faulty systems we have. Allowing exceptions are not good in long term but only for short term.

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